The beginnings of Hoofbosch trace back to 1985 when Martien van Winden began managing the investments of his extended family. Martien's brother-in-law Robbert-Jan Engels joined him in 2006 and they launched the Hoofbosch fund with 10 million euros of investments of friends and family. Today Hoofbosch has 150 million euros under management. Since 1985, investors have enjoyed annual net returns of 14.9 percent on average.

At Hoofbosch, we subscribe to the ancient belief that the future is behind you and the past is in front of you: it is the history of companies and countries that guides our selection process. Therefore, we invest the vast majority of our fund (currently 75%) in countries and companies that have the very best track records with regard to paying dividends over a very long period of at least 50 years, but typically 150 years. If the past decade has demonstrated anything, it is that profit can be manipulated for short term gains, but dividends cannot be over the long term.

We are highly selective and base our approach on in-depth research and scenario planning. Of more than 40,000 companies worldwide we believe there are only about 30 companies that are solid enough to invest in.

For more information on Martien and Robbert-Jan, please see 'About us'